Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Dave, Monika, Dianne

My last visit to Sin City came after my first visit to the Grand Canyon, and as a fitting contrast to the natural beauty of the big ditch.

This weekend I return to the land of concrete and sand, to experience my first race as a coach.

I have a whole slew of thoughts about the season.  There are plenty of things I could have done better.  However, the overall momentum of a team effort winds up dragging along anything attached to it without much concern for the little goofs along the way.  We all will certainly arrive at the starting line wearing various smiles, some nervous, some excited.  Everyone will give the vast majority of what they have to give.  Some will amaze themselves, some will undoubtedly be disappointed.  My good friend, Iso Yucra likes to say "like life, sometimes hard."  I think that sums up racing in general, regardless of the distances or terrain involved.

I'm sure my mind will be working overtime leading up to the race start.  I'm sure I will be more nervous than my athletes because I can't control the outcome.  I'm sure they will all experience moments that I will be envious of.

I feel like the next couple of days are the part where I'm walking across the cold pool deck, waiting to jump in the water and see how things go.

Cheers to TCSD and the CCFA for giving me the opportunity to experience something I know well, from an entirely different angle.

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