Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I lost my job last week.  Haven't found a new one yet.

I am taking 2-3 yoga classes a day now.  I should be yogging.  I haven't yet.  I hope to tomorrow.

A big art project is nearing completion.  I helped out a tiny bit with that today.  There will be a big blog post on that when it is finished.

I ran with Karina at RnR SD.  Five hours out on the course.  I have fond memories of what that course used to be and it's still mostly intact, but the Morena out and back does seem a bit weak to me.

I cleaned out my garage today and I'm amazed at how refreshing it feels to open up space in that manner.  I'm guilty of letting junk pile up and boy does it feel good to have a clean view and stuff generally off the floor.

I think my pickups are one degree closer to where I'd like to have them one day.  I still can't get my hips over my shoulders but I can keep my feet off the ground a bit more easily than I used to.

I did not book a flight home for my 20th reunion because worked seemed too hectic.  I regret that now because prices are pretty jacked.  I keep checking.  They keep staying jacked.

SD100 is this weekend.  I am sweeping the last miles of the course.  I think I'll camp out at the finish line overnight and watch the finishers roll in.

I find myself even busier without work than I felt going to an office every day.  I haven't had a break for a long time, even though I've switched jobs numerous times, I haven't worked out time off in between and I think that may have added up.  Just being able to clean up the garage and kitchen makes me feel more grounded and stable.

I think I'll be able to do a bit of coaching now that the job has shifted.

I gave back a company owned laptop which is part of the reason I haven't been blogging much.

Overall, life is good...

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