Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ranch Run v2

Miss Sonja took a cool photo of us at the start of the ranch run today.

Keith, Todd, Luc, Ramon, Me, Jeff, Chris, David Lipke

We also picked up Patrick and John Healy at the "old" start.  Being old and somewhat grumpy, we now opt for the Cafe Positano start where we can bs about how awesome we were(n't) after it's all over.

Today (Chris) Hupfeld crushed me climbing Sun Valley.  It was a perfect response to the one time I managed to edge him by a millimeter back in fitter (and more angry) days over 2 years ago now.  In my fat and slow complacency, I had no response to his mid mountain charge and he stamped complete authority all over the place.  I limped home in last place after getting dropped with a few miles to go, even the yogger left me behind and out of visual range.  However, despite the personal blows to the ego (which I truly adore) it was one of the better days out in the ranch because running with friends never sucks.  Running with friends is one of the most basic forms of sharing space.

Life is good and it's hard to forget that sometimes.

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