Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm not sure there is a color that has more meaning to me than green. It is a hot buzzword these days as we grow increasingly more aware of the impact of our actions and lifestyles on the future of out planet. It is the color we tend to think of when we contemplate a trip out to the wilderness, and it is the color we miss when we spend too much time enclosed in our urban domiciles. Green represents new, we are green when we start a new job, meet a new romantic partner, or attempt to learn a new sport or skill. Green food is almost always nutritious and wholesome. There is a lot of promise with the color green. I even have a wonderful friend who's last name is Green and who lives up to the high standards that the color represents.

One thing I notice about the Pacific Northwest, or at least Seattle and Portland, every time I am here, is how amazingly green it all is compared to San Diego. I think we get very desensitized to living in a desert, and while there is tremendous beauty at the beach, and while I am a huge fan of sunshine, I do start to miss the freshness of greenery that is so prevalent elsewhere.

I should mention that I'm one of the biggest whiners when it comes to cold rain and that is probably why I wouldn't want to live in Oregon or Washington year-round. But I do like to visit, especially during the summer, as I feel very refreshed every time I make the trip.

There is something very calming about looking out and seeing green trees for miles. And the coffee and beer up here seem extra bold as well.

Heading to the Gorge tonight for the first time and very much looking forward to it.

My next post will be about my father's Lionel electric train set and how it brings back such tremendous memories, especially from the smells.

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