Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It's been a long road to recovery for me, up from the depths of virgin hundred mile total body fatigue which consumed all of July and most of August. I am finally beginning to feel the desire to train again and it feels so good to begin to suffer. It seems utterly appropriate that this weekend just so happens to be a race weekend for almost everyone I know.

A short list of some of the events on tap includes:

UTMB -- all the ultra studs will be here tackling what seems to be the most insanely beautiful course I've ever seen photos of. Krissy attempts to repeat her 2009 victory while Iso flies in so gently under the radar that his wife might not even know where he is.
Cascade Crest 100 -- Rod is fit and fired up, on his home turf, this one could be one for the ages.
Ironman Louisville -- Hillary and Alyssa on the same course at the same time, will the student punish the teacher? The one thing I am certain of is that I will be impressed.
Tristar111 -- Maik should crush this one beyond resemblance given the distances which cater to his strengths.
Santa Barbara Tri -- I'm not super close with anyone racing this year but the course has some fond memories for me and it also makes me remember Barbara Warren which in turn reminds me to live my own life to the fullest in her honor.
Hood to Coast -- 11 of my stinkiest friends and I will be rolling down Mt. Hood and heading West starting at 4:45pm on Friday.

The good news is that we should be done just slightly after noon on Saturday so while I am sleeping/eating/drinking/lounging there will be plenty of race action to check in on. The scary news is that last year the boys were out well past 2am on Saturday after almost no sleep on Friday, and we have this tendency to ratchet up the effort each year. Somehow nobody has missed a flight home (yet).

The crazy idiot in me is pondering the possibility of making it up to see Rod finish Cascade Crest since he doesn't start until 10am on Saturday. There is adequate time for the long drive, but the key variable is how much sleep do I need and will I be able to get any?

A virtual shout out to everyone who is toeing the line this weekend! Best of luck, tailwinds, rubber side down, and let 'er rip!

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