Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I'm not a fan of dating.  But I love reading about other people's adventures.  Take Ruby for example.  I can't get enough of her stories.  So I'm partly writing this in hopes that I can guilt her into another post someday.  I'm sure she has content.  She just needs to put fingers to keyboard like Shauna Rae did today.  Guilt might help grease those wheels.

OK, here goes.  Short and sweet.  I made plans to meet up with someone I've never met before tonight.  Now the biggest problem with dating is that it really interferes with my workouts.

While I was tempted to try out some of the of the tactics in this video, I opted for the traditional safety of an 8pm coffee date.  I use this same approach every year when I get stuck doing interviews of high school seniors applying to Princeton.  The reason this approach works so well is that I inevitably find myself being "polite" (and I use that term very loosely) and extending the conversation even though I usually don't want to.  Since most coffee shops close at 9, there is a built in time limit, and since it's always cold at night in SD, hanging out on the sidewalk isn't a reasonable option.

So, you can already tell where this is going, but I'll throw in some tidbits to color it in a little bit.  She has 2 fat cats and a chihuahua, hasn't done a workout in 6 months because of a knee sprain, and isn't much of a morning person.  She doesn't like dessert, but she does eat mayonaise and prefers Hellmanns.  She actually had the cutest facial expressions, a combination of shy, curious, confused and inquisitive, genuinely adorable.  And great hair.  And she's a software geek so she understands what work is like.  But let's face it, she's not going to ever understand what 2 hours to the river means.  She's the voice of reason and I'm the voice of stupidity, much like the video above.

And yet, just like the warmup strides I take before a big race, sometimes it's a good idea to force myself out of my routine once in a while, to skip a workout and feel hungrier for the next one as a result.  Wednesday morning is going to be something special now that I've hit my quota of 1 date per year.


  1. I don't understand why she won't ever understand what 2hrs to the river means. Just because she may not BE an idiot doesn't mean she can't learn to appreciate an idiot. Think of Hogan and the American Hero.

    FYI, world record for mayonnaise eating is qty (4) 32oz jars of Hellman's in 8 minutes. If she wants to take a shot at that, she's the one.

    1. I need to ask Hogan to develop a test that I can use in the field.