Saturday, July 7, 2012


As in polyamory.  Not a subject I know anything about, but as my circles expand, so do my opportunities to experience new lifestyles.  I find this stuff fascinating.  I suspect my sister probably thought through all of these concepts 20 years ago, since she was always the one who would find the presents and open them before Christmas.  For me, it seems like there are all sorts of personalities and all sorts of people in this world who I never really took the time to try to understand before since I was so busy trying to be a better version of me.

Kamala and Roxanne

The show last night was all that one might expect.  It was provocative, entertaining, raw, and it carried along a boatload of sincerity and good intentions.  I did not feel triggered and I felt like there was adequate respect given to "alternative" (which in this context means "traditional") views of partnership.  While a few moments hinged closer to a cultish attitude that monogamy is wrong, the majority of the performance was about presenting, defending, rationalizing, and explaining polyamory.  The closing song summed it up beautifully, with humor, during a mock wedding ceremony and was by far my favorite part.

I spent most of the evening people watching since I knew nobody in the crowd very well at all.  Observing the interactions, how people dress, how they greet, how they converse, how aware they are of others in the same space, how they laugh and smile and snuggle with whoever they arrived with.  It was most definitely not my scene, not my comfort zone, but yet a great opportunity for me to experience how others choose to live.

In the end, what makes me tick is seeing other people who have passion about something.  Passion for pole dancing and multiple partners, while potentially risque to some, comes across to me as pure passion for life and that is the part that I pick up on, that I get excited about.  The details or the inspiration for the passion almost seems entirely irrelevant, as if it could be stamp collecting or basket weaving.  Seeing a human, a friend, fully engaged and committed to his or her passion sparks a fire in me that gets me excited about living my own life.

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