Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In just about every office in Hawaii you can find a version of the "The worst day at the beach is better than the best day here" signs.  Just like how one out of every 50 cars has the "New York - London - Paris - Waimanalo" bumper sticker.  It's part of life in the islands and it helps everyone keep things in perspective.

I just stole this photo from my sister's blog.  It's as horrific as anything I can imagine, so of course I feel a need to re-post it.  I shake in disbelief that I looked like that.  But, it does bring back good memories of one of the most special beaches in my heart.  My mother's ashes were spread in the water just offshore.  I spent most of my free time in the water and on the sand, until I got my license and started driving to some of the other breaks.

There's something that just doesn't suck about the beach.

I also got this today, in a message from Craig Watson who grew up very close to these cliffs.  When we were young and foolish, we jumped off spitting caves a lot.  Jon Everest even did his fiction and film project with a small segment of Rob and I jumping off, some sort of Phoenix rising from the ashes theme, which never really made any sense to me.

I fly back home on Friday.  Every trip home is a blessing, every return trip is a tragedy.  Maybe some day I won't leave for a really long time.

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