Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Why, Whole Foods, why?  Why do you torture me by putting the pastries and coffee bar next to the juice bar?  You know it's going to take 10 minutes for the long haired dude with tattoos and earrings to make that $7 cup of juice I ordered.  Can't you move the cookies somewhere else?  Do they really have to be in my line of sight while I wait for my 4oz wheatgrass shot that makes me gag?

I know those vegan cookies are waiting for me in the fridge.  Perhaps I'll have one Thursday morning when I wake up.  It will feel like Christmas after these 3 long days of food abstinence.  Those sprouted wheat bagels were probably not allowed anyway since they have wheat in them, so I shouldn't be too bummed that they are growing mold on my desk.  And that fridge full of greens, it's going down tonight.  The kale and rainbow chard won't know what hit it when I'm done with them.  My Vitamix will make it's maiden voyage with me down struggle street for a slimy, green, plant based, liquid dessert tonight.

Halfway there, 1.5 days to go.

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