Monday, January 23, 2012


I just reached the end of day 1 of my first ever juice cleanse.

It's a bit of a fad and I despise it for that reason.  Oh, and I think I hate it because I don't get to eat.  That part really annoys me.

But, attitude is everything, so let me try to highlight the positives:

1. I finally used the juicer I bought in 2005 for the first time today.  It was kind of fun mashing up a big mess of pulpiness.

2. I spend a lot less time eating now that nutrition comes in liquid form.

3. I've sampled a number of different teas over the past few days and I'm becoming more of a fan.  I still miss my Jura though, it's all clean and ready for me when this foolishness ends.

4. When I drop $80 at whole foods, I get more than 6 things now that I'm buying roughage.

5. I no longer have mood swings due to blood sugar levels changing before/after meals.  Instead, I'm perpetually depressed about how hungry I am :)

In all seriousness, this whole thing kind of fell in my lap because of my inability to say no.  And then there's the whole stupid challenge aspect of it that in a way does appeal to me.  I've never fasted, juiced, or cleansed.  I figure it might actually be good for me to get a handle on my cravings by forcing myself to eat like my jaw is wired shut.

Still, with all of that said, I can't wait for this to end.  I was grumpy enough with the whole "clean eating" business last week, but this no-chewing thing takes it to a whole new level.

One down, two to go.

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