Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hood to Coast

With Ragnar Socal this weekend, my thoughts for the week have turned to the Hood to Coast relay.  I inherited a team from Tyler Abbott in 2009.  I started running with this team in 2005 and haven't missed a year since.  David Volk actually introduced me to the team, just as he introduced me to Team Challenge last year, somehow that guy is always ahead of me when it comes to finding cool stuff to do.  Tyler works for Santini foods so for years the team was known as the Santini Extra Virgins as the submasters division requires that every runner be 30 years or older.  I believe we have a streak of 20+ division titles and we've consistently been in the top 10 for all of the years in recent memory.

Tyler's spreadsheets, pre-2009:

The Extra Virgins:
Popeye & Olive Oils:

Tyler's (and Katy's and Mark's) Photo links:

I converted to google docs once I took the wheel in 2009:
2009 Data 
2010 Data
2011 Data

I could write a book about all of the experiences I've had at this race.  And maybe I'll do that tomorrow.  But for now, I'm going to let photos tell the story.


Tyler rocking the tank top.
These guys typically go for a shakeout run the morning after


Glen, 2nd from the left, has a few top 10 finishes at WS


Brian Scott and Molly Kline in the foreground.

My first year without Tyler

And our last year with 2 teams meeting up before the start


With Ken Bauer, Charisa's dad, as sacrificial lamb

Mike Davies has a few sub 2:30 marathons in the books

I was a little fired up for this

So I started out hard and hung on for dear life
I love downhill running

The pacific ocean in Oregon isn't quite as warm as so-cal

I miss the skinny days

Mt. Hood is beautiful, even in the summer

It's actually hard to run fast 3 times in a row


Bert gets the baton

Our first female submasters teammate, Lana, held her own

The shoulder toucher caught in the act

Boys don't get any cuter than Bert

Carroll takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

Mike Davies rockin' the long hair 
I know this looks like Tom Petty

But it's really Gerard aka G-man
The Yogger looking cool
Lana looking even cooler
Walsh is older than dirt and runs faster than most of us

My idol

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