Thursday, April 26, 2012


As a INTJ, I find it difficult to ignore direct questions.  KS sent another round my way today and since I'm writing responses, I figured I might as well throw them up for me to re-read at a later date.

1. How do you like to eat eggs? Scrambled? Poached? Omlettes?

All of the above.  I love the incredible, edible egg.  Boiled is the least messy, though I do love scrambled and I definitely heart me some egg white omelette action.  Mom used to have a 3 egg poacher, this beat up old aluminum pan for water then three little trays with metal tabs to hold them.  The trickiest part was not burning your fingers or getting the potholder all messy, then you had to use a knife to get the egg out unless you put just the right amount of PAM on first.  I remember learning how to use it and making my own egg mcmuffins.  I don't care much for eggs benedict though, the sauce is just too rich.  And that fried egg on top of the monk's stone pot, I find it heavenly.

2. Have you ever been attracted to a man or has one ever been attracted to you?

Well this is actually two questions, now isn't it?  I'd say there are components of attraction with men, but perhaps admiration or inspiration are better words to sum up the sentiment.  Looking at Tabu's body and what it can do (and I am not stretching the truth at all when I say his eka pada has one leg pointing straight at the sky) is extremely inspiring, but from the "I wish I could do that" perspective and not the "I wish I could do that" perspective.  Experiencing Shane's peace and calm each week offers moments were I truly admire his ability to appreciate the fundamental aspect of living and breathing, but that is completely non-sexual even though it can be enlightening and sensual.  Then there is the yogger, a man with a brain that scares me with it's power, particularly when it comes to memory and word games.  So, yes, there are many men I admire in all sorts of ways.  But have I ever wanted to make out with a man?  No.

3. Do you prefer watching the sun rise or the sun set?

Camping at Makapu'u with Byro
I have this incredible memory of sunrise at the campground next to Makapu'u beach, it was intense, but maybe I was just stoked to spend a night camping with Byro and whoever else was there (Nicole?  Tara?).  Kailua (the town I grew up in) gets some amazing sunrises but as a kid I rarely woke up early enough to see them.  Waikiki and Honolulu get the incredible sunsets as does Encinitas and particularly Vulcan street.  I love them all.  I love the promise of a new day and the warmth that a sunrise foreshadows.  I love the peace and closure of wrapping up the day as the sun dips below the horizon.  That's like me asking who do you love more, your son or your daughter?  You love them both, perhaps in different ways, but certainly without inequality.  The same is true for me when it comes to this question.

Sunset at Waikiki
4. Do you take vitamins?

No, nor any supplements.  I don't put salt on my food.  I don't put sugar in my coffee.  I stopped putting honey on my acai.  I'm a zero frills type.  I noticed this tonight while I made dinner (salmon, brown rice, broccoli) and then looked at Patrick Sweeney's dinner photo he posted on facebook.

Patrick's dinner (he's vegetarian)
5. Do you have any allergies?

None that I know of = NKDA or NKA but I think the former is preferred?

6. What makes you squirm?

When someone compliments me.  I don't know how to respond.  I don't know how to accept a compliment.  I remember in yoga TT, Dan being told "you look so young" which isn't even that awesome of a compliment to a guy and he handled it so gracefully with a "wow, thank you" and then kept moving on.  That same day perhaps less than an hour before, Julia complimented me and I ignored it because it made me feel uncomfortable.  I need more practice with this.  I'd prefer if everyone just insulted me, it'd be so much easier.

7. When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?

Tuesday morning at Gordy's with Shelley after boot camp.

8. Do you like lights on or off in the bedroom when you are with someone?

Off.  I close my eyes in adho mukha svanasana and chaturanga.  And tadasana and padahastasana.  Shoot, I have my eyes closed for a lot of my practice.  It's how I indulge my senses.  By shutting off the visual cortex, my sensations increase in intensity.  I think this might be strange?

9. Do you ever have work functions? If yes, do you go?

Fairly infrequently and I try my absolute best to blow them off.  It's just not fun to spend even more time with work people.  Although I've had a couple of jobs where the friends I made through work were personal friends as well.  It happens.  But usually that takes years to develop.  Software developers are generally fairly introverted.

10. Do you like holidays?

I like every day that doesn't require going into an office to do work :)  So, yes!

11. Am I someone you know that makes you uncomfortable as you mentioned in your posting?

No, KS, you do not make me uncomfortable.  At least not until you drag me to mysore and put me in ardha matsyendrasana and force the bind.  Then I will most definitely be uncomfortable.

12. Do you sing in the shower? In the car?

Yes and yes but not too often.  I also sang a few lines in Tabu's class today.  I was overcome with the moment, as I typically am, and I lost touch with the reality of 70 sweaty bodies surrounding me.  I'm not sure anyone noticed as we were all having our own personal pity parties.  I strongly dislike my own voice, so I only sing when the music is loud.  Since the amp in my car needs to be repaired/replaced before I can crank the tunes without distortion, I don't sing in the car that much these days.  And the last time I sang in the shower I inhaled some soap while I was washing my face and wound up coughing most of the day.  So I've sort of backed off on that too.

13. If you could go on vacation, where would you go and what would you do?

2440 Ferdinand Avenue.  I'd swim at Ala Moana.  I'd run on the HURT course and around Kapiolani Park.  I might even ride the 112 loop if I had enough time to indulge.  Then I'd go to the new CPY studio at Kahala Mall and walk to Whole Foods after and pass out on the family room floor at 8pm.  It never gets old.  Never.  Ever.  Not even close.


  1. Such diverse and interesting questions. This KS must have some type of awesome mind. You are probably the only person I know who has refrained from singing in the shower due to soap inhalation. Your vacations sounds like heaven.

  2. I had no idea you were an ashtangi as well as a crazy runner. What TT are you doing? I miss Mysore practice (used to frequent Tim's morning classes) but my commute to the office plus running makes it difficult to fit into the schedule.

    SW developers introverted? Hmmm. I must be an anomaly. I don't think I am introverted at all. Introspective and self-psychoanalytical, yes.

    1. It's ironic to call me "an ashtangi" one comment below ks. My primary series is an exercise in successive disasters, but I do love it on the days when I feel like I can attempt it. Most days I feel like an ocean separates me from the body I need to have to be able to perform all of the asanas.

      Maybe introverted wasn't the right word. But you must agree that not many geeks have athletic interests, right? The few that do, they quickly become friends.

    2. This is true. All the endurance athlete developers (as if we are coding 18 hours straight, but I mean developers that are into endurance sports) at my company know each other best.

      Well, listen, I will never get supta kurmasana with the length of my arms and size of my quads. Not happening. Marichyasana D is very tenuous even when I'm in good yoga shape.

      I think if practice ashtanga than you are an ashtangi. At least in my opinion. Worth 3 pennies.

  3. Answer to # 7 is clearly the BEST! Yes mcd I am reading your blog without prompting.

  4. My life is 7 houses away from your vacation. I'm always grateful, but thank you for the reminder to be grateful anyway.

    For practice:
    I think you have an admirable balance of introspection and consideration for others that's difficult for most to achieve. And you're pretty cute.

    Say "Thank you, RR."