Friday, April 6, 2012

Magic Carpet

There are two different places I think of when these two words bubble up into my thoughts.  The first is the section of the Western States trail between Devil's Thumb and Deadwood Cemetery.  That section is coated with pine needles and is a gentle descent when running towards Swinging Bridge.  After Deadwood it gets steeper and muddier, but up high it's a unique experience, which is why Kona Mike calls it the magic carpet ride.  It might be one of very few effortless sections of the course.

The other magic carpet in my thoughts is the one in Shane's living room.  Underneath this magic carpet are numerous yoga mats, which add up to provide a level of cushioning similar to a gym floor.  This surface allows the evening congregation, and there's always a group gathered in this room in the evening, to perform various stretches, balances, and lifts.  Last night I managed my first ever successful transition from adho mukha into bakasana.  I also watched Summer demonstrate standing splits to full natarajasana and saw Luke's funky assist for inverted wild thing.

Both magic carpets are playtime for adults.  Both are places where I feel a unique and special energy every time I arrive.  Both are spaces which exist both in the physical world and as virtual manifestations in my mind.

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