Friday, April 13, 2012


I don't have any photos of Rico, but he's been the biggest reason why my house isn't more broken than it used to be.  He's done a lot of work here, logged countless hours, and completed a number of monster projects.

Tonight, I came home to something that blew me away.  I'd like to take an ounce of credit for this beauty, but I can't.  It grew from a concept of mine which wound up playing out differently than I expected.  Originally it was a piece for the garage, next to the dog wash station, where I now have 5 trash/recycling bins to mimic the setup found at the local whole foods.  What Rico created was simply too nice to keep in the garage so midway through we repurposed it as a linen cabinet for the upstairs hallway.  I had ripped out the old cabinets before Rico redid the floor and had never figured out a plan for new ones.  So it all seemed to make sense despite the semi convoluted evolution of thought.

I've found that Rico's best work comes from giving him the freedom to explore his own creativity.  I know life isn't about stuff, but I also know that when things tell a story, when they carry someone's love and passion, that significance permeates throughout our daily life and reverberates into our happiness.

Thank you, Rico.  I am forever in your debt for the care you have given to this place.


  1. it is beautiful dooder! we need to visit again, stat.