Saturday, May 5, 2012


The crow pose.  Perhaps one of the easiest arm balances and yet one which leads down a path of such tremendous variety.  When I first started practicing, bakasana with bent elbows seemed so far away, but 6 or 8 months of dedication and it started to open like a squeaky door which just needed some oil.  Then there was the first day I managed a side crow, the first time in hurdlers, and eventually all of the fun and funky arm balances with names like astavakrasana.  These days I work on trying to get my arms closer to straight which takes a lot more core and wrist strength than the more basic pose with knees resting on triceps.  One day, bakasana may be the bridge to my very first handstand.

However unexpectedly, today became the day I first jumped into crow.  Or at least the first time I jumped in and didn't fall immediately.  It wasn't as beautiful as the video below, I am sure of that.  But it was that first step on a journey towards something similar.  Sometimes the hardest part about attempting something new is shutting off all the reasons why it won't end well and just going for it.

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  1. very cool. i am afraid to attempt it. my struggle with jumping back from bakasana is a great enough task for now. well done. soon you will fly into handstand. for sure. happy weekend.