Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Expectations & Intentions

One of the first yoga classes I remember was themed on Expectations and Intentions.  I found myself revisiting that theme throughout my life today, in various different contexts.

It started off on a very positive note, when I saw this hand-drawn card a friend had put together to aid her search for a new place to live.  I am in awe of the gigantic level of cuteness on display here:

This story was positive because apparently it all worked out perfectly.  BTW, how freaking cute are those drawings?

Next, I got a phone call from my big brother contact and we discussed my outings with Cody and what we might expect over the next year or two as he becomes a teenager.  I found myself rationally exploring the boundaries between my expectations and intentions as far as interactions with Cody are concerned.

The day drew to a close with a see-saw of emotion, riding on top of a long day of productive but not necessarily uplifting work.  One friend, noticing one of my recent good intentions, sent me a lovely note to pump me up.  Another friend, keying in on specific words, explained how what I wrote, or more specifically what I didn't write, was hurtful, which is a common theme in my life.

I think we can choose to see any event, person, or place with all of the positive intentions it entails, or we can choose to see any of these with our own colorful expectations and perhaps wind up disappointed.  It's all a choice that we get to make, each and every time.  Free will is a pretty cool thing.

I want to put together a notecard like the one above, I just need to figure out what it will be about.

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  1. She almost described my house exactly! I am going to do this for my new home hunt. The bathtub thing is key.

    It's actually probably a good thing you can't think of anything to make this list for - it means there's nothing major you're missing, right?