Friday, May 18, 2012

Online Dating

I just had a major lightbulb moment.

In an attempt to get myself to fall asleep despite Hunter's very loud, very obnoxious snoring, I decided to look through a few dating profiles.  Somehow reading about how Jennifer #33 enjoys walks on the beach, cooking dinner, drinking wine, travel, and wants that special connection with her partner just has this wonderful sedative effect on me.  Realizing that we are all human, that we all want the same things, and yet that so many of us (myself included) are unable to put into words exactly what it is that we are looking for, it just all puts my mind into "shutdown -t 0".

Somehow, after getting quite bored but not feeling tired enough, long after my pandora timer clicked off, I stumbled into the "archived" section.  GOLDMINE!!!  I did not realize it before, but this is actually fascinating social experiment data.

You see, I'm sure my profile is offensive to at least 20% of the women who take the time to skim it.  And prior to today, I've never had a window into exactly who is completely disinterested or turned off by my words, pictures, or general attitude.  Now I have it, at my fingertips.  Women who have never met me, their profiles and photos, all presented to me.  Rejection served on a silver platter.  Fascinating.  Enthralling.  I am now hooked.

OK, I probably just need to go to sleep.  Tomorrow's yog with the yogger will certainly be a sufferfest.


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    1. is what I was referring to, it can play pandora, local mp3, or stream from various sources.

  2. I don't understand what archived is? Have they really checked you out and moved on? Bitches!