Friday, May 4, 2012


Thanks, Dad, for writing up your impressions of the new board.

Thanks Rachel and Ikaika for picking it up and taking to to the Ferd.

This project started in October 2010.  There is another big art project nearing completion this month that I will definitely be blogging about.

A fun recap of a day Rachel and Tom spent on the water.

A brief message from the artist, Tom "Pohaku" Stone from August 2011.  

Aloha David,

I just want to assure you that your board is on its way. I can tell you all the stories about your board and the rains of Hawai'i nei and you would find it all hard to believe, but I got to say again this board is all about rain. So much so that I have named it "Kauakoko" - a rain so heavy that it turns streams red-brown because it is washing the land away, but it also means the reflection of a rainbow where the color hue is red. All a good thing in our culture.

Okay, I have begun working on it again and the forecast is for rain and a possible tropical storm so I am trying to get it done before all this starts to happen again. Everyone that has seen it is in love with it so I am guessing you will be happy with it too.

I be back to you soon.

A hui hou,


A video of Tom shaping some other boards

And all of the other photos:


  1. It's incredibly beautiful in real life. And it would look really good hung horizontally over the windows facing Ferd St. in the ballroom/yoga-room. It was fun to see Tom again and see what he makes.